ROV MANUFACTURERS (includes Manufacturers who are also Operators)

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Ageotec - Manufacturer
Sirio ROV - Observation class

Perseo GTV ROV - Intervention

Pegaso ROV - Intervention

Perseo GT ROV - Intervention

Perseo ROV - Intervention

Slip Rings Winch - ROV-Support Equipment

Aquabotix - Manufacturer
HydroView Sport ROV - Compact

HydroView Pro ROV - Compact

HydroView Inspector ROV - Compact

Atlas Maridan - Manufacturer
Atlas Maridan SeaCat AUV -

Atlas Maridan SeaOtter MK II AUV - Compact inspection

BMTI - Manufacturer
Buoyancy blocks ROV-Support Equipment - Cable and Pipe Burial

CISCREA - Manufacturer
Mini ROV JACK ROV - Observation and Inspection- ROV - Observation and Inspection - mission adjustable modular ROV platform (adjustable to specs ; various pay and workloads possible) ; Battery or surface powered, neutrally buoyant umbilical or fiber-optic tether versions.

Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. - Manufacturer
Vector® M5 ROV - High Preformance Portable

Phantom® P150E ROV - Specialized inspections

Vector® T4 Triggerfish ROV - Small Inspections

Phantom® DHD2+2 ROV - Observation and Inspection

Phantom® HD2+2 ROV - Observation and Inspection

Phantom® Firefly ROV - Specialized inspections

Phantom® HD2 ROV - Observation and Inspection

Phantom® P150 ROV - Specialized Inspections

Vector® L4 ROV - Compact

Deep Sea Systems International (DSSI) - Manufacturer
SeaMax MKI Port Security ROV ROV - AUV- World's smallest Deepwater Survey

Max Rover 3000 ROV - ROV

Mini Max 2000 ROV -

Max Rover ROV - ROV

Global Explorer ROV ROV - Heavy duty work class

Deep Trekker - Manufacturer
DTG2 Starter ROV - Compact

DTG2 Pro ROV - Compact

DTG2 Worker ROV - Compact

DTG2 Smart Compact - ROV

Desistek Robotics Ltd. - Manufacturer
SAGA ROV - Observation and Inspection

DOER Marine - Manufacturer
DOER Spectre ROV - Intervention

DOER Explorer X2 ROV -

DWTEK CO., LTD - Manufacturer
SB-50/80/150W LED ROV Support Equipment - ROV support equipment

ECA CSIP - Manufacturer
ARM 5 E Manipulator - Electric

ECA Robotics - Manufacturer
H300 MK2 ROV - Observation and Inspection- Observation and Inspection

H2000 ROV - Light Work class

ALISTER 3000 AUV - Offshore Support and Research

ALISTER 27 AUV - Cable and Pipe Burial

ALISTER 18 ROV - Medium

ALISTER 9 AUV - Observation and Inspection

H800 ROV - Observation and Inspection

USV INSPECTOR MK1 ROV - Unmanned Surface Vehicles

OLISTER Specialized - task specific - ROV- FDS and MIDS configuration

ROVING BAT ROV - Compact multipurpose- Free-flying for Inspection & Cleaning

SEA SCAN ROV - Compact Inspection- Observation and Inspection

ROV H1000 ROV - Light Work class

USV INSPECTOR MK2 ROV - Unmanned Surface Vehicles

EPRONS ROV Ltd - Manufacturer
RB Mini Mirage Observation and Inspection - ROV

RB Mini 150 Observation and Inspection - ROV

RB Mini 300 Observation and Inspection - ROV

RB Mini 600 Observation and Inspection - ROV

European Submersible Systems - Manufacturer
TRV ROV - Drillng Support and Pipeline Inspection

TRV ROV - Drillng Support and Pipeline Inspection

Global Precision Optics Inc - Manufacturer
Domes/ports ROV - ROV-Support Equipment- Domes/Ports

GNOM - Manufacturer
GNOM Baby ROV - Micro-sized vehicle

Super GNOM Pro ROV - Compact inspection

Super GNOM V.2 ROV - Compact inspection

GNOM Standard ROV - Compact multipurpose

Hydroacoustics, Inc. - Manufacturer
Proteus 1000 ROV - Observation class- Battery Operated

Proteus 500 ROV - Observation class

Hydroid - Manufacturer
Remus 600 AUV - Tracking and Discovery

Remus 6000 AUV - Tracking and Discovery

Remus 100 AUV - Tracking and Discovery

Imenco - Manufacturer
Tooling ROV-Support Equipment - ROV-Support Equipment

International Submarine Engineering (ISE) - Manufacturer
Hysub 250 ROV - Work class

Hysub 10 ROV - Drilling Support and Pipeline Inspection ROV

Hysub 50 -2000 ROV - Deep Seabed Intervention System

Hysub 50 ROV - Work class

Hysub 60 ROV - Work class

Hysub 75 ROV - Oceanographic Research

Hysub 150 ROV - Cable Maintenance

Hysub 25 ROV - Offshore Support and Research

Hysub 40, 5000 M ROV - Heavy duty work class

Hysub 40 ROV - Oceanographic Research

TrailBlazer ROV - Specialized - Task specific- Mine Countermeasures ROV

I-Tech - Manufacturer
Centurion HD ROV - Work class

PioneerHD ROV - Work class

Warrior HD ROV - Work class

Centurion QX ROV - Work class

Hercules ROV - Heavy duty work class

JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer
Slip Ring Cable - Cable and Pipe Burial

LBO, Inc. - Manufacturer
Splash Zone Equipment ROV - Survey and Inspection- Remotely operated equipment

Marine Exploration Services - Manufacturer and Operator
Nova Ray ROV - Observation and Inspection

Mariscope - Manufacturer
Peewee ROV - ROV

Fr (ROV) Equipment Rack ROV - ROV

Hunter ROV - ROV

Fo Orava and Fo ROV -

FO II and FO 11 I ROV -

Laser 1 ROV - ROV

Comander ROV -

Diavolo and Diavolo II ROV -

Moog Inc. - Manufacturer
Hydraulic Valves for ROV Systems ROV - ROV Package

Neptun Subsea - Manufacturer
Merlin WR200 ROV - Work class Electric

Merlin Trencher ROV - High Performance Trencher

Merlin LR120 ROV - Light Work class

Oceaneering International - Manufacturer and Operator
Phoenix III ROV -

Spectrum ROV ROV -

Hydra® mimimum® ROV - Work class- Works in tandem with the Hydra® Magnum®

Hydra® Millennium® Plus ROV - Work class

Hydra® Magnum® Plus hp ROV - Work class

Hydra® Magnum® 100 hp ROV - Work class

Hydra® Maxximum® ROV - Work class

Outland Technology - Manufacturer
ROV 1000 ROV - Compact Inspection

ROV 2000 ROV - Compact Inspection

Outland Technology Inc. - Manufacturer
Outland 1000 ROV - Compact

Pegasus International PDX Inc. - Manufacturer
Power Distribution System ROV support equipment - Ultra Heavy duty work class- PDU

Power Distribution System ROV support equipment - Ultra Heavy duty work class- PDU

Pegasus International PDX Incorporated - Manufacturer
ROV Support Equipment Support Equipment - ROV-Support Equipment- PDU State of the Art Quality to 1250 kVA

Pegasus Mini ROV ROV-Support Equipment - ROV support equipment- Min ROV Downtime; 120%+ Overload; to 11,000 Meters

ROV Support Equipment ROV - ROV-Support Equipment- Reduced Maintenance and Downtime; Certified by DNV

ROV Support Equipment ROV-Support Equipment - ROV-Support Equipment- Min ROV Downtime

ROV Support Equipment ROV-Support Equipment - ROV-Support Equipment- State of Art Quality to 275 kVA

Perry Slingsby Systems - Manufacturer
Triton® SP ROV - Medium work class

Triton® T500 ROV - Cable and Pipe Burial

Triton® T750 ROV - Cable and Pipe Burial

Triton® T1000 ROV -

Triton® MRV ROV - Ultra heavy duty workclass

Triton® XLR 125 ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton® XLS ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton® XLX250 ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton® XLX ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton® TXLS2 ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton® T800 ROV - Cable and Pipe Burial

R.OV. Technologies - Manufacturer
Scarab III ROV - Crawler

Scarab I ROV - Small Crawler

Scarab II ROV - Crawler

Rov Specialties - Manufacturer
Profiling Lasers Laser line scanner - Observation and Inspection

P.T.Z. Cameras Camera - Observation and Inspection

Lighting ROV - Observation and Inspection

Pressure Housings ROV - Observation and Inspection

ROV ROV - Observation and Inspection

Rovtech Systems - Manufacturer
Rov-A-Cam Crawler ROV - AUV- For confined spaces

Seaker ROV ROV - Compact inspection

Super Seaker ROV ROV - Compact inspection

Water Powered Crawler ROV ROV - Specialized - Task specific

Mini Seaker ROV ROV - Compact inspection- Inland and shallow water

SAAB Seaeye - Manufacturer
Seaeye Lynx ROV - Work class

Seaeye Panther XT ROV - Electric ROV

SAAB ROV/AUV Hybrid ROV/AUV Hybrid - Observation and Inspection

Seaeye Jaguar XT ROV - Work class

Seaeye Falcon ROV - Compact inspection

Seaeye Panther Plus ROV - Work class

Seaeye Cougar & Cougar-XT ROV - Electric- Compact/high performance

Seaeye Surveyor Plus ROV - Survey and inspection

Seaeye Lynx ROV - Work class

Seaeye Tiger ROV - Medium

Seaeye Falcon & Falcon DR ROV - Compact inspection

Saipem America - Manufacturer and Operator
Innovator ROV ROV - Heavy duty work class

Super Mohawk Electric ROV System ROV - Medium ROV

Viper ROV - Work class

Apache ROV - Observation class

Mohawk Inspection ROV System ROV - Observation class

MRV ROV - Work class

Venturer ROV - Work class

Scorpion ROV - Work class

Discovery ROV - Work class

Triton ROV - Work class

Olympian ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton XL ROV - Heavy duty work class

Innovator 250 ROV - Heavy duty work class

Innovator Leviathan 250 Hp ROV ROV - Heavy duty work class

Innovator 150 ROV - Heavy duty work class

SBG Systems - Manufacturer
Inertial Navigation Systems Subsea Equipment - Cable and Pipe Burial- Inertial Navigation Systems

Schilling Robotics - Manufacturer
Heavy-Duty (HD) ROV - Compact Workclass

UltraHeavy-Duty (UHD) ROV - Ultra heavy duty work class

SeaBotix - Manufacturer
vLBV950 ROV - Deepwater Mini-ROV

Containerized Delivery System ROV-Support Equipment - ROV-Support Equipment

Vectored Little Benthic Crawler ROV - Crawler

Little Benthic Crawler ROV - ROV

LBV150-4 ROV - Mini-ROV

vLBV300 ROV - Crawler

SARbot ROV - Mini-ROV

LBV300-5 ROV - Mini-ROV

LBV200-4 ROV - Mini-ROV

SEAMOR Marine Ltd. - Manufacturer
SEAMOR Chinook ROV ROV - Light Working-class

SEAMOR 7-Function Hydraulic Arm - Manipulator - Electric ROV - Manipulator - Electric

SEAMOR Steelhead ROV ROV - Inspection/Observation-class

Seatronics Ltd - Manufacturer
Predator ROV II ROV - Observation and Inspection- Seatronics Predator ROV II – 300m depth rated inspection-class ROV

Shark Marine Technologies - Manufacturer
Sea-Dragon ROV - Compact- Modular Design

Stealth2 ROV - Compact inspection

Sea-Wolf ROV - Compact multipurpose

SMD - Manufacturer
Trenching ROVs ROV - Cable Trencher- All terrain

Centurion ROV - Work class

Atom ROV - Ultra compact, electric work class ROV

Quantum XP ROV - Work class

Quasar 125 HP & 150 HP ROV - Work class

Specialist Services - Manufacturer
Control Rooms ROV-Support Equipment - ROV-Support Equipment

Stanley Plastics Ltd - Manufacturer
Acrylic Windows / Domes Subsea - Observation and Inspection

Sub-Atlantic - Manufacturer
Comanche Electric ROV System ROV - Compact Workclass ROV

Mohawk Inspection ROV System ROV - Electric ROV- Compact size

Navajo Portable ROV System ROV - Compact inspection- Offshore and inland inspections

Super Mohawk Electric ROV System ROV - Medium ROV- For light to medium work

Mohican Inspection ROV System ROV - Ultra high thrust inspection

Submersible Systems, Inc - Manufacturer
TRV-HD ROV - Heavy duty work class

TRV-M ROV - Medium Work class

TRV005 ROV - Light Work class

Subsea Tech - Manufacturer
Mini ROV Observer 3.2 ROV - Mini- Hand portable versatile observation vehicle

Mini-ROV Guardian 2.1 ROV - Mini- High speed hand portable observation vehicle

Syscustom Corp - Manufacturer
Syscustom ROV - 75C ROV - ROV- Mini ROV - Portable and Deployable

Syscustom ROV - Mini 150C ROV - Mini-ROV- Mini ROV - Portable and Deployable

Syscustom ROV - D300 ROV - Light Work class- compact stuctures and strong power

Teledyne Benthos - Manufacturer
MiniRover ROV - Compact Inspection- Low Logistics, High Performance

Stingray ROV - Compact multipurpose- Low Logistics, High Performance - Versatility

Trelleborg Offshore - Manufacturer
ROV Buoyancy Blocks ROV-Support Equipment - ROV support equipment

Underwater Solutions - Manufacturer and Operator
Hydra ROV ROV - Compact Inspection

N-Sit Camera - Offshore Support and Research

Video Ray - Manufacturer
Pro 3 E ROV - Compact

Pro 4 ROVs ROV - Commercial diving support systems

Deep Blue ROV -

Pro 3 XE ROV - Compact

Pro 3 E GTO ROV - Compact- Controlled from a PC

Scout X3 ROV - Compact

Scout ROV - Compact

Pro 3 S ROV - Compact

Explorer ROV - Compact

Explorer X3 ROV - Compact

Pro 3 XE GTO ROV - Compact

Webtool (Allspeeds Ltd) - Manufacturer
Webtool ROV support equipment - ROV-Support Equipment- Webtool Hydraulic Cutters